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Our Cleaning and Maintenance Services

At Luxe Pool & Spa in Wentzville, Missouri, we understand the importance of regular pool cleanings, water chemistry, and routine maintenance to ensure your luxury pool will stand the test the of time. Offering unparalleled customer service and industry best practices, our pool services are the perfect added amenity after installing or remodeling your inground swimming pool. Proper care of your pool is essential to the optimized functionality of your equipment and balanced water. The Luxe Pool & Spa services provide assurance that your pool will be appropriately cleaned and maintained throughout the year. View our Wentzville pool services below and contact us today to schedule your pool cleaning or maintenance needs.

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Pool Service

Services Include:

  • Water Testing
  • Chemical Balance (with your chemicals)
  • Cleaning of skimmer & pump baskets
  • Remove any floating debris
  • Up to 30 minutes of brushing & vacumming
  • Create a detailed report
  • Backwash pool as needed
  • Scrub tile line as needed
  • Discount on chemicals

Once a Week Service


Twice a Week Service


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20 Weeks of Service at Once Per Week


(Savings of $250)

Pay in Advance
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20 Weeks of Service at Twice Per Week


(Savings of $400)

Pool Openings

Services Include:

  • Remove and fold pool cover
  • Install handrails and ladders
  • Remove winter plugs (store on site)
  • Add Startup Chemical Kit
  • Purge gas line and start heater
  • Backwash sand filter
  • Startup equipment and do a diagnostic
  • Install Sense & Dispense (if you have one)
  • Customer responsible for:
  • Removing debris from pool cover
  • Have handrails and ladders out
  • Fill pool to operating swim level
  • Have Sense & Dispense probes out (if you have this)
  • Balancing the water before turning the Sense &
  • Dispense on (if you have this)


Pool Closings

Services Include:

  • Pool is vacuumed and lowered to proper water level
  • Chemicals are added (sanitizer/pH adjustment/algaecide)
  • System lines are blown with air and antifreeze added
  • Ladders/ handrails removed
  • Cover installed
  • Follow up service call December-January to lower water level (if needed); adjust/replenish chemicals (algaecide/sanitizer/pH levels)

Some customers subject to $100 trip charge outside of service perimeter.


Pool Liner Replacements

Services Include:

  • Drain pool
  • Remove fittings
  • Remove old liner and place at road for garbage.
  • Inspect pool walls (repairs may result in additional charge; install foam if required, additional charge)
  • Inspect and prepare pool base (repairs may result in additional charge)
  • Replacement of coping/bead receiver
  • Install new liner
  • Align liner
  • Vacuum-fit liner
  • Fill pool
  • Reinstall fittings (new fittings recommended, additional charge)

More than minor repair or rebuilding of pool base requires an additional charge. Replacement of coping requires an additional charge. Additional service work will be extra.

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