Gunite Pools

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Benefits of Building Gunite Pools

With gunite pools, also known as concrete pools, you get a thick, durable pool shell that will last for years.

Gunite pools have been a favorite among inground pool owners throughout America for decades because of their porous qualities, design possibilities, and overall configuration.

A gunite pool can be designed in virtually any shape, size, depth, or configuration, providing the ultimate flexibility.

Luxe Pool & Spa are experts in concrete inground custom pools, and we excel at making backyard dreams come true with exceptional service, design, and installation.

The Gunite Pool Building Process

Step 1: Utilities Mark Out.

Underground lines of utilities like water, power, and gas are marked out.

Step 2: Pool Layout.

We discuss the pool installation with the homeowner and finalize the pool layout.

Step 3: Dig.

We dig the site and fit a stone bed to add strength and support to the gunite swimming pool. Then, we set up a wooden rebar framework as per the pool design.

Step 4: Steel Installation.

The structural steel reinforcement placed over bricks in the entire dup-up site acts as a skeleton of the pool.

Step 5: Plumbing.

For a more energy-efficient pool, we use plumbing lines that are larger than average. Then, we add electrical wiring.

Step 6: Gunite Shell.

The gunite pool shell is sprayed onto the steel reinforcement.

Step 7: Tile and Coping.

We add the perimeter tile, coping over the gunite bond beam, and decking around the pool.

Step 8: Concrete Patio.

Pool circulation, heating, and filtration equipment are added.

Step 9: Plaster.

The last step is to apply a waterproof pool interior finish. We also ensure that the surroundings are correct by working closely with you on the landscape design.

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